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how it all started… Sometimes the oldest cliche is the most accurate way to describe something and for us "when you know, you know" is easily the best way to describe our relationship. After all, Erin did tell Jonathan she loved him on their second date. We knew we were madly in love with the other and were going to spend the rest of our lives loving each other. Through our love for each other we quickly developed a love for shooting couples together. While Erin has been shooting weddings and couples for over eight years, Jonathan has been touring with rock bands all over the world for the last five years. We decided in 2017 to start shooting couples together and never looked back. We live for capturing authentic, real moments that show your incredible love for each other. Your story needs to be told and we want to help you do that.

what you can expect…We want your wedding day to be as seamless as possible. Weddings can be very stressful, but they certainly don't have to be. Good wedding photography (and vendors in general) are an investment. Find people you trust to make your dream come true. We're there to capture those in between moments you didn't even know were happening and the sometimes messy, but genuine moments you experience throughout your wedding day. We aren’t the kind of photographers who just show up on the day of your wedding. We want to have a relationship with you, because a relationship makes better photos. Your story is important to us and we want to capture it in the best possible way. We call ourselves a “collective” for many reasons, but the main one is because we are more inclusive than exclusive. We want you to be a part of our family and we promise we'll be counting down the days until your big day as diligently as you are! We are friendors not vendors!



about our logo + our hearts

God is the center of our lives. We do everything to bring glory to our Father. Eucalyptus symbolizes new beginnings. It also symbolizes protection and abundance. We believe with the covenant you make, you will both be protected and blessed abundantly by the Lord.