Michael + Celena | Cambria, California Wedding

It's going to be really hard fitting in this tiny box all the love that we have for Michael + Celena. You'll notice, Jonathan was actually half groomsman half wedding photographer, so yeah, we love them. 

Jonathan and Michael met on a tour and later ended up touring together. Fun fact: Michael was actually the very first friend of Jonathan's that I met. It was also the day I met Jonathan for the first time. We immediately started bonding over coffee and I was like "yeah, this dude is cool." Fast forward over a year, a really fun group chat that we use almost everyday and there we were - on a plane flying to California to be a part of this joyous occasion. I hadn't met Celena until the rehearsal dinner but the boys were right - we were destined to be bffs all along. 

I photographed most of this wedding, seeing as Jonathan had groomsman duties and I cried a lot. Like, all day long. God orchestrated this marriage so perfectly and I love that they kept Him the focus of their wedding day. I sobbed during their "first look" which they exchanged letters and prayed together. I cried during their beautiful ceremony + communion. And then I cried again, but tears of laughter when we snuck off to enjoy the most gorgeous sunset I've ever seen. 

These two are gems. Truly two of the best people we've ever met and we'll never be able to find the words to express our gratitude for their friendship and hearts. We love you, Michael + Celena.